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Archives for the Month of September, 2004

Groklaw RSS feed bug

While playing around with Firefox’s live bookmarks feature I discovered a small bug in Groklaw’s RSS feed code. Another HTML entities problem…

Html entities causing problems in Nucleus

Another problem… If you go to my previous entry and look at the titlebar of the browser you will probably notice some weird stuff…

causing problems in FireFox & Nucleus

This blog has a RSS2.0 feed, which Firefox is able to use for it’s new live bookmark feature. I simply love live bookmarks, so the first thing I tried after setting up this blog was to create a live bookmark for my own site.

What’s a blog anyway?

A work in progress… I am transforming my website into a brand new blog. Most of the stuff from my old website, which wasn’t that much to begin with, hasn’t been converted to the new design yet, but that will happen soon enough…