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causing problems in FireFox & Nucleus

This blog has a RSS2.0 feed, which Firefox is able to use for it’s new live bookmark feature. I simply love live bookmarks, so the first thing I tried after setting up this blog was to create a live bookmark for my own site.

And this is where my problems started… It simply did not work. Instead of showing the two headlines, it just told me ‘Live Bookmark feed failed to load’. First I tried solving it myself, which obviously didn’t work. Then I looked at bugzilla, which was no help either. But thanks to the guys at the #firefox IRC channel we were able to track it down to the <![CDATA[]]> containers that Nucleus uses to wrap around the headline titles. Firefox simply borks when it encounters these containers…

I was about to file a new bug in bugzilla when I realized I should have taken a more closer look. There was already a bug filed about this issue and it was apparently already fixed 3 days ago. The fix was included in todays Firefox build, released a mere hour before I decided to check whether my own live bookmarks were working properly. Thanks guys!

One Response to “ causing problems in FireFox & Nucleus”

  1. minghong wrote on December 20th, 2004 at 12:07 pm

    The title element shouldn’t have any CDATA blocks, isn’t it?