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Html entities causing problems in Nucleus

Another problem… If you go to my previous entry and look at the titlebar of the browser you will probably notice some weird stuff…

The title is supposed to read <![CDATA[]]>, which it is now shown as &lt;![CDATA[]]&gt;. I guess this is a bug, because the correct title is shown in the page and in the RSS feed. Nucleus apparently does not appear to treat the title in the same way everywhere. I’m going to dive into the PHP sourcecode later today and see if I can fix it…

UPDATE: It is fixed for now, but I am not yet satisfied with the way it is fixed. I’ll probably going to to post a comment on the Nucleus forum to alert them of this behavoir and let them come up with a proper fix…

This is what I changed in SKIN.php:

function parse_itemtitle() {
  global $manager, $itemid;
  $item =& $manager->getItem($itemid,0,0);
  //echo htmlspecialchars(strip_tags($item['title']));
  echo strip_tags($item['title']);

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