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Archives for the Month of October, 2004

Nucleus RSS/Atom Reader 0.10

My second Nucleus plugin, a complete RSS/Atom parser that reads the headlines from the feeds you want to feature on your blog. It can handle RSS0.9, RSS1.0, RSS2.0 and Atom feeds, even when combined with RDF and complex namespaces.

Nucleus XBEL Reader 0.10

Ever wanted to publish your bookmarks on your blog? I’ve created a Nucleus plugin just for this purpose. Instead of using some weird non-standard solution, I decided to base the plugin on an existing standard called XBEL. This standard defines the contents of a bookmarks file in XML format.

Just a month old and already updating…

If you visit this blog over the next couple of days you might notice some strange things happening. I am currently trying out some new stuff with Nucleus and refining the design of this website. In addition to this I am going to add a small lib-scrub project page, a GPLed HTML parser, cleaner and […]

Wallpaper statistics (updated)…

My wallpapers are apparently a success. A large number of people have downloaded them and some sites even added a link to the blog entry. I’ve also received an enormous amount of positive feedback. A big thank you to everybody for the support!

Get Firefox buttons

After the wallpapers and the avatars, which will receive some updates in the nearby future, I’ve also created some Get Firefox buttons. Four different styles so far: XP, Orange, Blue and Black. I’m going to create a complete button set for at least one of them, which one do you prefer?

Avatar gallery

The first part of a Firefox avatar collection. Currently just 47 avatars for use on forums, of which 6 are animated. There are also 29 smaller versions for use with AIM and 22 larger versions for use with Yahoo or MSN. Check back later for more updates. Also, if you like these avatars, also check […]

Firefox wallpapers

The spreadfirefox website recently posted the original vector image of the Firefox logo. I’ve downloaded it and decided to play around a bit. The result is two wallpapers, one in two variants. I have some more ideas, so if you like these, check back in a couple of days… Update #1: I just came up […]

UPC Digital #1

About a month ago I bought a digital television subscription from my cable company. The service is called UPC digital and promises to deliver great content, great quality and a some interactive services. I received the Motorola DVi-4000 set top box last week and so far my experiences are pretty good.

Leave my keys alone!

I like the guys at spreadfirefox.com. They have build a great website to promote my favorite browser. There is however one little thing that annoys me enormously.

Yay, I got an gmail account!

One of things the sfx team thought up for promoting Firefox was to give away gmail accounts to people who place ‘Get Firefox’ buttons or banners on their websites. As you can see on the frontpage of this website I also have such a button, but I also placed buttons on other websites I created.