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Just a month old and already updating…

If you visit this blog over the next couple of days you might notice some strange things happening. I am currently trying out some new stuff with Nucleus and refining the design of this website. In addition to this I am going to add a small lib-scrub project page, a GPLed HTML parser, cleaner and scrubber written in PHP.

The first set of changes are now done. First of all, I’ve made some modifiations to the design for rakaz.nl. I’ve made the whole page wider, which allows me to add some useful sidebars. Other changes are some refinements for the fonts and the removal the author of each item.

I’ve also made some modifications to Nucleus, which allows me to hide unused categories. Once they are used, they will automatically become visible.

Another Nucleus modification is the ‘Related entries’ sidebar. By default Nucleus will show items for every category. I only wanted to show the items for the current category.

And finally I’ve created an XBEL plugin for Nucleus. It reads bookmarks from a XML file and displays them on the main index page. Thanks to PHP build-in XML parser, the plugin was fairly easy to create. The administration part was even simpler. I use Firefox with the Bookmarks Synchronizer extension. You can basically select one folder in your bookmarks menu and upload it as an XBEL file to a remote location, such as my webserver. So, to add a bookmark to my website I simply add them in Firefox and they will automatically appear.

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