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Archives for the Month of February, 2005

Trackback & Referrer plugin updates

A couple of post below you can find the initial story I wrote about extending the Trackback plugin for Nucleus. Since then I’ve been working on fixing the Referrer plugin. Below is a status update on some of my own and other reported problems of the plugins.

Nucleus skins

I recently went through the Nucleus skin repository. There were 14 skins in total, but I was generally a bit disappointed with the quality of the skins. There was of course one exception: Stanch, created by Ivan of Stach.net. Ivan donated the skin he created for his own website.

Gmail Invites (none left…)

I have a couple of invites left. If you want one, simply post a reply to this story and make sure to include your current e-mail address. I only have a limited number, so reply quickly.

Trackback Spam

It seems the spammers noticed I have enabled trackbacks on this weblog. As of last evening some spammer started advertising for some personal injury lawyers. If there is one thing I hate more than spam, it’s personal injury lawyers. The solution: a spam filter for trackbacks.


What are the spammers going to do next, now that Google struck back and made commentspam a whole lot less effective?

Improving the Nucleus GUI

I’ve been using Nucleus for a year or two now. I chose Nucleus for rakaz.nl based on some positive previous experiences. I was already used to it, so it was a natural choice. Despite all the positive aspects of Nucleus, I’ve always felt there was room for improvement. The reason I started developing plug-ins for […]