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Archives for the Month of March, 2005

PearPC needs help (updated)

One of the risks of writing open-source software is people taking advantage of you. There is always some rat that will try to take your source and close it and making money off it. If you released your code under the BSD license this would not be a problem, but if you publish your source […]

What the hack?

If you publish a list of referring pages on your website you are going to have to deal with a problem: referrer spam. Apparently some shady companies like to advertise their pills, gambling scams, warez and pr0n using the websites of innocent bystanders. This is off-course completely unacceptable. Many people consider their weblog their home […]

Building a tag-soup parser #1

I am working on a HTML parser – again. Sounds simple, right? Well in reality it really isn’t. I really don’t want it to be ‘just another’ html parser class.

Trackback 2.0 and Referrer 1.0 for Nucleus

It’s been a long day, but I am happy to announce that the Trackback and Referrer plugins for Nucleus are finished. After I get some rest I’ll write up something better, for now I am just glad the plugins are available for download.

Nucleus 3.2 is here!

The guys from Nucleus CMS released a new version of their great publishing tool. Nucleus 3.2 is a great improvement in the fight against spam because it includes support for the nofollow attribute and a new captcha plugin.