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Archives for the Month of May, 2005

Caution: wet paint

When I designed my current weblog I was trying to experiment with transparency and shadows. It was something that was not used much, certainly not to the extend I was going to try. The whole concept was based on PNG images and worked pretty well – in Firefox and Opera. IE was problematic, because its […]

MXS responds… round 2

Totally out of the blue I received an e-mail from Jonathan Miller at Maui X-Stream. Okay, not totally out of the blue, but still a bit unexpected. In this email Jonathan concedes that VX30 Ad-Stats is indeed based on phpAdsNew and covered by the GPL and offers to send me a copy of the VX30 […]

MXS responds… so do I

In response to the story “Deconstructing Maui X-Stream” on Drunkenblog, Maui X-Stream has placed a statement on their website.


Earlier today my ADSL line went down. I also used this line to host this website and as a result my website also stopped working. I talked to the guy providing the line and after a long time they came to the conclusion that either my modem is broken, or something is broken on their […]

Remember CherryOS? Every heard of the expression ‘the tip of the iceberg’?

How Maui X-Stream ripped of a long list of open-source software, including a project I worked on: phpAdsNew…

Weird feeds

Building a universal feed reader is not easy. All the different flavours of RSS are not exactly compatible with each other. Flavours evolve and new extensions are created.

Drunkenblog: Stumbling towards completion

DrunkenBlog has an announcement about an upcoming article about a company that he has written about before. The announcement itself may be a bit vague, but because a legal issues he has to be very careful and make sure everything sticks before publishing. I’ve been talking to Drunkbatman about one specific part of this story […]

Only a fool represents himself in court…

Daniel Wallace is at it again. During the last two years Daniel has been spouting nonsense about the GPL everywhere he could.