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Earlier today my ADSL line went down. I also used this line to host this website and as a result my website also stopped working. I talked to the guy providing the line and after a long time they came to the conclusion that either my modem is broken, or something is broken on their end of the line. Estimated time before it is fixed: 2 to 5 working days.

So, took all the files and the database from my server and burned them on CD. At home I used my still functioning cable internet connection to upload it to a server at www.fluidhosting.com. That is where my site is hosted for now, at least until my ADSL is back up.

Everything should work, although I haven’t had the time to fully test it yet. So if you find something on this website that doesn’t function, let me know. Also, I’ve uploaded all the Firefox wallpapers, avatars and buttons. They use quite a bit of bandwidth, so I have to moniter my bandwidth usage. If it is really needed I may have to take them down, so if somebody wants to offer a mirror locations…

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