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Atom 1.0 skin

Adding Atom 1.0 support to your Nucleus CMS weblog by using a simple skin.

A couple of days ago I changed my Atom feed. It no longer uses Atom 0.3, but instead it is now based on the upcoming Atom 1.0 standard. I’ve gotten a few requests for a copy of the Nucleus skin responsible for the Atom 1.0 support. Well, it is not that simple, because the skin I am using is not compatible with the latest official release of Nucleus CMS.

So, instead I created a new Atom 1.0 skin, based on the original Atom 0.3 skin shipping with Nucleus 3.2.1. This new skin will upgrade your skin to make it validate as 1.0, but it will not use all of the capabilities of the Atom specification.

If you want to update your skin simply download the skin definition and import it into your copy of Nucleus, or alternatively directly import the skin from the following URI: http://www.rakaz.nl/projects/nucleus/atom10.xml

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