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Random Links #2

RSS and Media, A new version of Nucleus, A new look of Technorati and rakaz.nl

  • RSS and Media: Can’t we all just get along?
    Tristan Louis writes about Apple’s new iTunes extension to RSS, which duplicates quite a bit of the work done by Yahoo with the MediaRSS specification. The big question is, why did Apple not participate in MediaRSS and what can be done about it now?
  • Surfin’ Safari
    Now that Webkit is open source, David Hyatt is moving his weblog about Safari, Webkit and Webcore to a new home, the Webkit website. Another change is that other members of the Webkit team will join Hyatt and tell you all about the work that is being done on Webkit.
  • Nucleus 3.2.1
    A new version of Nucleus is now available. The release was triggered by the news of the discovery of a vulnerability in the XML-RPC library used by Nucleus. Luckily the creators of the library found a solution to the problem quite quickly and Nucleus 3.2.1 was released within a couple of hours.
  • The new look of Technorati
    I just noticed that Technorati has a completely new look. I like the new look, but I think I liked the old look slightly more. In any case, I can understand they needed to change the look to appeal to broader public. One thing though: Technorati still does not pick up the tags embedded in my posts.
  • The new look of Rakaz.nl
    I’ve been quite busy lately, so the redesign of my own website has stalled a bit. I hope I will find some time soon to finish it.

One Response to “Random Links #2”

  1. Joel Pan wrote on July 8th, 2005 at 1:04 pm

    Ditto on the Technorati thing. It’s not picking up the tags in my RSS feed
    (using the tag), even though my posts are being indexed. Wish I knew what was
    going on and if us Nucleus users are doing something wrong somewhere.