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CSS3 contest

Big coding contest at css3.info: implement CSS3 features and win.

Over at css3.info they are having a big Summer Holiday contest. You can win all kinds of software licenses by implementing CSS 3 features for Webkit or Mozilla. Another way to enter is to write new content for the css3.info website.

Yes, we are having a contest! We want to get you guys to help us, and we’re going to reward those who do it the best with some cool prizes!

Ways to win
There are two things you can do to win in this contest:

  • Submit new content for CSS3.info: new previews, compatibility tables or other interesting stuff related to CSS3;
  • Get patches committed to WebKit or Mozilla, which add CSS3 features to those browsers.

All entries will be reviewed by me, Joost de Valk, and me alone. I will notify the winners on September 1 2006, and get their prizes to them ASAP after that.

I will probably be entering too. I’m not sure what I am going to do… I’ve done some patches for Webkit before, so I might do that.

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