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Archives for the Month of October, 2006

CSS selector bugs: Case sensitivity

The previous version of the CSS selector test contained a test case for determining if the value of an attribute selector was compared in a case-insensitive way. We only tested the align attribute – which should be treated in a case-insensitive way. But there are also a lot of other attributes which should be tested […]

How well do browsers support CSS Selectors?

The last couple of days have been busy for me. I’ve spend most of my weekend on tweaking and adding test cases for the CSS Selector compatibility tester. The test comprises of 513 different test cases for each of the 43 selectors. These selectors range from the simplest CSS 1 selectors to the latest CSS […]

Javascript based CSS selector compatibility tester

Joost de Valk let me know that I won the CSS3 summer contest over at css3.info. I created a Javascript based CSS selector compatibility tester. It surprised me a bit because I never thought my entry was a serious contender – it just created it to see if it could be done.