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Adsense, advertisers and spam tools

I finally caved and added Google Adsense ads my weblog. The reason for this is quite simple, I happened to make a couple of Firefox wallpapers that turned out to be quite populair. Even two years after placing them on my weblog it is still generating about 20 gigabyte of traffic each month. In the beginning it was more than four times as much, but given that I no longer host my weblog on my personal server behind an ADSL connection I now have to actually pay for the bandwidth that I use.

The sad thing is that just one day after enabling Adsense I discovered the following ad on the main page of my website:

Spam on Adsense

Given that I receive more than four-thousand spam attempts every day on this weblog, wrote several anti-spam plugins for nucleus – and I just disabled the trackback functionality on my website because of the flood of trackback spam – you can imagine that I was more than a little furious. Sure, I want to earn some money to pay for this website and I even hope it will make me enough money to buy a nice present for my girlfriend. But one thing I will absolutely not allow – no matter how much money is involved – is to let spammers use this weblog to promote their crap.

So I disabled all ads from this spammer – unfortunately this may take up to four hours – and wrote a nice little email to Google informing them of a policy violation. Google doesn’t like spammers either, so I really hope they ban this guys ass. I decided for now that the Adsense ads are staying, but I will keep a close lookout for any abuse from spammers. If anybody sees an ad for a spammer or spamtool on this weblog, please let me know. Leave a comment or e-mail me and I will disable the ad on this website and take it up with Google.

Finally, I want to quote from the website of the spammer:

“We Do Not Condone or Endorse Unethical Methods to Boost Search Engine Ranking”


2 Responses to “Adsense, advertisers and spam tools”

  1. admun wrote on November 28th, 2006 at 8:22 am

    you seem to get another spammer on the adsense….. “Best the Adwords System – Access 100 Million People in 10 Min The Definitive Fast Start Guide (Adwordsstrategy.com”…. sounds like a spammer guide to me.

  2. rakaz wrote on November 28th, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    It’s been almost 12 hours and the ad is still visible on my website… So, I’ve temporarily completely disabled the ads on the homepage – the only location that showed the ad.