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Archives for the Month of June, 2007

How to stop Safari from constantly crashing

If you installed Safari on a non-English version of Windows you are probably experiencing quite a lot of crashes. There are many ways to crash the browser: enter text into a form field, add a bookmark or ironically even when you try to report a bug. Luckily it is easy to fix.

Enabling the debug menu on Safari for Windows

I’ve been playing a bit with the new Safari for Windows and found a way to activate the debug menu that Mac OS X web developers were already used to.

One more thing… Safari for Windows

I was going to write an article about the WebKit platform on Windows. About how the development of Swift has stalled and that the developer decided to move to the Mozilla Gecko engine while WebKit becomes more stable…. I was going to write about Apollo Adobe AIR and how you could use the build-in WebKit […]

I’m back

I have been neglecting my weblog for a while. It’s not that I haven’t had any ideas or events to write about. On the contrary, life has been extremely busy lately. On April 27th I got married – which took a lot of preparation but was definitely worth it. I also moved out of my […]