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Archives for the Month of February, 2008

Openads becomes OpenX

If you are looking for the most popular open-source ad server, you need to remember a new name: OpenX. In a blog post Scott Switzer, CTO of OpenX, explains the reasons behind the rebrand and the difficulty in choosing a proper name.

Text rendering on Firefox 3

I’ve been running Firefox 3 beta 3 this weekend. I’ve used beta 2 before, but never long enough to do some real testing. One of the things that immediately stood out to me was a change in rendering the labels feature of Gmail. It suddenly look different to me. The text looked clearer and crisper. […]

CSS Selectors: Opera and Safari pass the test!

Back in 2006 support for many of the more advanced selectors were still very limited. Most browsers did not support the new selectors introduced by CSS level 3 at all and even support for the selectors from level 2 were plagued with bugs. Two browsers stood out: Konqueror in a positive way and Internet Explorer […]