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MozCamp Utrecht: Paul Rouget talks about the new features in Gecko

Yesterday I was at MozCamp in Utrecht and Paul Rouget had a talk in the morning sessions about some of the new features in Gecko, the layout engine used by Firefox. He talked about SVG filters and masks applied to normal HTML elements, about the new video tag and how you can use this in combination with the canvas tag to achieve all kinds of cool effects. He also showed how you could use multiple threads in Javascript using the new HTML5 workers.

In the afternoon session Paul explained some of his demos in detail. Below is a video of this afternoon session. Enjoy

I captured this using a cheap € 75,- 720p HD cam. The quality is actually pretty good considering the price of the camera and you can even make out the code that Paul is showing. So head over to Vimeo to watch the clip in full HD quality.

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