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Copyright administration quagmire

Viviane Reding – Commissioner for Information Society and Media about how the current quagmire of copyrights administration can seriously hinder the industry itself.

Today, right holders and online service providers need to spend far too much time and money on the administration of rights, instead of investing this money in attractive services. And consumers often cannot access online content if uploaded in another Member State. For online content in a single market of 27 Member States, economies of scale and consumer-friendly solutions will require a much simpler and less fragmented regulatory framework than the one of today.

Even today I cannot buy a single movie or TV show on iTunes in the Netherlands. Not because Apple doesn’t want to sell me… They do want to, but because it is too difficult to come to an agreement with the content industry. Perhaps it’s time the industry remembered why the iTunes Music Store became such a success: convenience. Simply put, if people cannot buy it legally, they will look for it elsewhere.