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Archives for the Month of November, 2009

iPhone webapps are not as bad as people think

Earlier this week Peter-Paul Koch wrote an article on how iPhone developers were stupid for not recognizing the potential of developing webapps. I agree with many of his points why webapps are a good alternative for native applications. I also agree that some of the apps that Apple currently ships with the iPhone could be […]

Adobe AIR 2.0 scores 90/100 on the Acid3 test

Which is pretty good considering Adobe does not support SVG and at least 6 of the failed test are related to SVG.

Firefox gets a brand new HTML5 parser

As of tomorrow the new HTML5 parser will be available in nightly builds: If you are still comfortable with testing, download a trunk nightly build tomorrow, run it, navigate to about:config and flip the preference named html5.enable to true. This makes Gecko use the HTML5 parser when loading pages into the content area and when setting innerHTML. […] There is also another […]

Microsoft started work on IE 9 and is planning to give web developers what they want

According to Dean Hachamovitch in the announcement on IE Blog: Our focus is providing rich capabilities – the ones that most developers want to use – in an interoperable way.  Developers want more capabilities in the browser to build great apps and experiences; they want them to work in an interoperable way so they don’t […]

Adobe released the first beta of AIR 2.0

Adobe AIR 2.0 includes an updated version of the Webkit rendering engine which should add support for some HTML5 elements and CSS transforms, transitions and animations. I did a quick check to see what is supported and noticed the following: Present: CSS Animations CSS Transitions CSS 2D Transforms CSS Gradients CSS Masks CSS Reflections HTML5 […]