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95% of statistics are completely made up

After Vimeo announced that they would be support the H.264 codec for the HTML5 video beta test, Silvia Pfeiffer published a completely ridiculous article in which she claims that Ogg Theora is a better choice because it has a reach of 95% while H.264 only has 25%.

Given that only roughly 30% of all browsers actually support HTML5 video in one form or another this claim is something of a mystery. She actually gets the 95% not from actual browser support by counting how many browsers are able to use the Java Cortado player as fallback. Well wouldn’t it be fair to do the same for H.264 and also count Silverlight and Flash for possible fallback. That way H.264 would be available in 147% percent of all browsers… Ehh…

The reality simply is that if we want use HTML5 video we need to use H.264 with a fallback mechanism or encode our content in both Ogg Theora and H.264. Only using Ogg is simply not an option for many devices.