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First draft of the updated theme for Firefox 3.7

Mozilla released the first drafts of the new theme that Firefox 3.7 will get. It’s starting to look pretty good compared to the last couple of versions of Firefox and really integrates with the whole Windows Vista and Windows 7 look. I’m quite curious how this will translate to OS X and other platforms.

Small but useful WordPress plugins #1

The Tweetly Updater plugin by Michael Zehrer allows WordPress to automatically tweet about new posts. Optionally it can use bit.ly for shortening the link back to your post.

Copyright administration quagmire

Viviane Reding – Commissioner for Information Society and Media about how the current quagmire of copyrights administration can seriously hinder the industry itself. Today, right holders and online service providers need to spend far too much time and money on the administration of rights, instead of investing this money in attractive services. And consumers often […]

Everybody loves a short domain

Thought about registering rak.az, but $400 a year is a bit too steep for me…

Working on a new website

I think it’s time to change my website again. It should make it easier for me to blog about little things. Without the 140 char limit of twi

Adobe on AIR tour

I will be attending the Adobe on AIR tour tomorrow in Amsterdam. Adobe promised WiFi, so I’m going to bring my laptop with me. If anything interesting happens I’ll twitter about it.