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Uploading multiple files using HTML5

During my search for a list of changes to the rendering engine of the beta version of Chrome 3, I discovered a little HTML5 gem that has largely gone unnoticed in the current version of Chrome: uploading multiple files using a single <input type=’file’> form field. Easier file uploading has been the holy grail of […]

Google acquires On2

Yesterday Google announced they will acquire On2, a developer of video compression technology. On2 is mostly known for the VP6 codec build into Flash 8 or higher, but it has many more customers such as Skype which uses its codec for powering its video chat capabilities. Because Google declined to explain exactly why it acquired […]

About multitasking and the iPhone

Over the weekend I read an article comparing Symbian, Android, Palm WebOS and the iPhone OS. Apart from some obvious mistakes it was an interesting read and it got me thinking about multitasking. The iPhone OS is not a true multitasking OS – at least that is what the article leads you to believe. The […]

Everybody loves a short domain

Thought about registering rak.az, but $400 a year is a bit too steep for me…

Openads becomes OpenX

If you are looking for the most popular open-source ad server, you need to remember a new name: OpenX. In a blog post Scott Switzer, CTO of OpenX, explains the reasons behind the rebrand and the difficulty in choosing a proper name.

Text rendering on Firefox 3

I’ve been running Firefox 3 beta 3 this weekend. I’ve used beta 2 before, but never long enough to do some real testing. One of the things that immediately stood out to me was a change in rendering the labels feature of Gmail. It suddenly look different to me. The text looked clearer and crisper. […]

How to stop Safari from constantly crashing

If you installed Safari on a non-English version of Windows you are probably experiencing quite a lot of crashes. There are many ways to crash the browser: enter text into a form field, add a bookmark or ironically even when you try to report a bug. Luckily it is easy to fix.

Enabling the debug menu on Safari for Windows

I’ve been playing a bit with the new Safari for Windows and found a way to activate the debug menu that Mac OS X web developers were already used to.

One more thing… Safari for Windows

I was going to write an article about the WebKit platform on Windows. About how the development of Swift has stalled and that the developer decided to move to the Mozilla Gecko engine while WebKit becomes more stable…. I was going to write about Apollo Adobe AIR and how you could use the build-in WebKit […]


Over the weekend I read an article on digg about a way to speed up Safari by removing an initial page loading delay. It reminded me about an article Dave Hyatt – one of the developers of Safari – wrote about the FOUC problem last September. In this article he explains why browsers sometimes need […]

Having fun with geotagged photos

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about geotagging, a new feature of Picasa 2.5. Thanks to this new feature you are able to store the location where a photograph was taken by finding the location in Google Earth. Today I am going to explain how to extract the geotagging information stored by […]

5 things you didn’t know about me

Joost de Valk tagged me. That means I will have to reveal some things that you probably didn’t know about me.

Make your pages load faster by combining and compressing javascript and css files

As some of you may know, I am currently working on a content management system. Although I am not able to share all of the code – it is proprietary after all – I already made one debugging tool public. This tool can be used to test some common techniques which decreases the bandwidth generated […]

Why modifying the GPL is bad…

Alexander Muse explains on his weblog why Big in Japan uses a slightly modified version of the GPL. In fact, he doesn’t even consider it a change or modification, but only a clarification of something that he considers unclear.

Reducing the bandwidth used by feeds

The last couple of days I have been working on implementing proper Atom support for a proprietary content management system. Atom support itself wasn’t a big problem, but I did run into a problem implementing some of the more common techniques to save some bandwidth. The result is a tool to check if your own […]