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Adsense, advertisers and spam tools

I finally caved and added Google Adsense ads my weblog. The reason for this is quite simple, I happened to make a couple of Firefox wallpapers that turned out to be quite populair. Even two years after placing them on my weblog it is still generating about 20 gigabyte of traffic each month. In the […]

CSS selector bugs: Case sensitivity

The previous version of the CSS selector test contained a test case for determining if the value of an attribute selector was compared in a case-insensitive way. We only tested the align attribute – which should be treated in a case-insensitive way. But there are also a lot of other attributes which should be tested […]

How well do browsers support CSS Selectors?

The last couple of days have been busy for me. I’ve spend most of my weekend on tweaking and adding test cases for the CSS Selector compatibility tester. The test comprises of 513 different test cases for each of the 43 selectors. These selectors range from the simplest CSS 1 selectors to the latest CSS […]

Javascript based CSS selector compatibility tester

Joost de Valk let me know that I won the CSS3 summer contest over at css3.info. I created a Javascript based CSS selector compatibility tester. It surprised me a bit because I never thought my entry was a serious contender – it just created it to see if it could be done.

Firefox 2 theme updated

I was in the process of finishing the second installment of “More theme problems for Firefox 2” when I read that the new Firefox theme received a big update. Time to investigate…

Geotagging with Picasa and Google Earth

The latest version of Picasa adds a nice new feature: it’s letting you use Google Earth to embed the geographical coordinates of where your pictures were taken. Geotagging used to be something that only GPS junkies did. Determining the exact location of where pictures were taken and embedding that information into the picture itself, or […]

Parsing feeds using PHP

Introducing FeedParser: a new library for parsing feeds in PHP. I have been working on this library for a long time. My first attempt was over two years ago – it was horribly buggy. Last year I tried again, the result was not too bad, it supported many features of Atom 1.0, but it was […]

Internet Explorer 7…

The public release of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2: It’s definitely an big improvement, but I think everybody agrees with me that their standards support is not yet up to par.

Feed icons

Finally we have an universal recognisable icon that is not connected to a single specification. Get your feed icons at feedicons.com. I guess it is already ancient news to most, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Microsoft decided to use the Firefox feed icon in the upcoming version of Internet Explorer and Office. […]

Improving the Trackback specification

I just noticed it yesterday, but it seems that Six Apart has begun the process of making the Trackback specification into a proper IETF standard.

The perseverance of spammers

After changing the URL structure of this website the stream of spam suddenly stopped. Unfortunatly it only lasted for a couple of hours.

Some updates…

I’m still working on the new look for rakaz.nl. It’s not finished yet, but I hope to finish it soon. In preparation of this change, I’ve already made some technical changes that I have been planning for a while.

Opera 9 Preview

Things have changed in the last couple of years. After years of relative peace and quiet we seem to be headed to a new confrontation. The previous war was between Internet Explorer and Netscape, but currently it isn’t so simple anymore. There are many new players and this time around the war can be won […]


There is a new browser in town. Imagine that somebody took the source code of our beloved Firefox and building a new browser around it. When Netscape did it they failed horribly, at least in my opinion. Why is Flock any different?

Moving from Atom 0.3 to 1.0

Now that the Atom 1.0 specification is pretty much final and waiting for approval we are going to see a lot of people moving from Atom 0.3 to Atom 1.0. Many people will automatically move to Atom 1.0 when they upgrade their weblog software, or when large weblog providers such as Blogger update their software. […]