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Atom 1.0 skin

Adding Atom 1.0 support to your Nucleus CMS weblog by using a simple skin.


I always suspected it. The moon is made out of cheese. Want to see for yourself? Head over to Google Moon and zoom in as much as you can.

Huge gravatars

What is worse? The fact that the size of this particular gravatar is well over one megabyte, or that it is a complete Britney Spears video?

Atom 1.0

Now that the Atom syndication format is final and waiting for approval from the IEFT I’ve decided to make the move to Atom 1.0. Atom 0.3 is history, at least on this weblog.

Random Links #3

The last couple of days I’ve been working on a new commercial project, a multi-language website with a build-in content management system. This is something I have done before, so a large part of it is reusing existing technology.

Firemonger CD covers

Now that the release of Firefox 1.1 is coming closer, the Firemonger project is preparing the second major release of their CD. The older version was released just after the release of Firefox 1.0 and contained not only Firefox, but also Thunderbird and various plugins, extensions and plugins. The new release will continue in this […]

Random Links #2

RSS and Media, A new version of Nucleus, A new look of Technorati and rakaz.nl

Webkit vs. KHTML or Webkit & KHTML?

The dominant reaction to the release of Webkit as open-source was that Apple was finally doing the right thing. Opening up the development of their fork to the original developers of KHTML. The KHTML developers complained about the way Apple was participating, Apple listened and responded.

Apple opens WebKit

Over the last couple of months Apple has been getting a lot of flack from open-source enthusiasts about the way they are handling the development of Safari and WebCore, the HTML rendering engine based on KHTML.

Hell freezes over…

First Microsoft announced a move to PowerPC for their XBox 360. Today Apple announced a move to Intel. I’m a bit conflicted. As a long time Mac user I have become used to the underdog position. I’ve even came to love it. I never was as fanatical as some – I also use a Wintel […]

Caution: wet paint

When I designed my current weblog I was trying to experiment with transparency and shadows. It was something that was not used much, certainly not to the extend I was going to try. The whole concept was based on PNG images and worked pretty well – in Firefox and Opera. IE was problematic, because its […]

MXS responds… round 2

Totally out of the blue I received an e-mail from Jonathan Miller at Maui X-Stream. Okay, not totally out of the blue, but still a bit unexpected. In this email Jonathan concedes that VX30 Ad-Stats is indeed based on phpAdsNew and covered by the GPL and offers to send me a copy of the VX30 […]

MXS responds… so do I

In response to the story “Deconstructing Maui X-Stream” on Drunkenblog, Maui X-Stream has placed a statement on their website.


Earlier today my ADSL line went down. I also used this line to host this website and as a result my website also stopped working. I talked to the guy providing the line and after a long time they came to the conclusion that either my modem is broken, or something is broken on their […]

Remember CherryOS? Every heard of the expression ‘the tip of the iceberg’?

How Maui X-Stream ripped of a long list of open-source software, including a project I worked on: phpAdsNew…