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Weird feeds

Building a universal feed reader is not easy. All the different flavours of RSS are not exactly compatible with each other. Flavours evolve and new extensions are created.

Drunkenblog: Stumbling towards completion

DrunkenBlog has an announcement about an upcoming article about a company that he has written about before. The announcement itself may be a bit vague, but because a legal issues he has to be very careful and make sure everything sticks before publishing. I’ve been talking to Drunkbatman about one specific part of this story […]

Only a fool represents himself in court…

Daniel Wallace is at it again. During the last two years Daniel has been spouting nonsense about the GPL everywhere he could.

Safari passes almost passes passes the Acid2 test

Many people expected this to happen. Thanks to the great work of Dave Hyatt, Safari will be the first browser that passes the Acid2 test. More information about the Acid2 test can be found on the webstandards.org website. Congratulations Dave! Update: There is appararently still one little rendering bug. Dave is working on it… Stay […]

Progress update: Planet plugin

Apparently some people are waiting for the release of the Planet plugin which I announced a little over four months ago. In short: while I’ve made quite a bit of progress, it’s not finished yet. I expect it to take a least a couple more weeks (no promises). As soon as I have some more […]

NP_Revision 0.5 0.6

A complete revisioning system for Nucleus CMS stories

PearPC needs help (updated)

One of the risks of writing open-source software is people taking advantage of you. There is always some rat that will try to take your source and close it and making money off it. If you released your code under the BSD license this would not be a problem, but if you publish your source […]

What the hack?

If you publish a list of referring pages on your website you are going to have to deal with a problem: referrer spam. Apparently some shady companies like to advertise their pills, gambling scams, warez and pr0n using the websites of innocent bystanders. This is off-course completely unacceptable. Many people consider their weblog their home […]

Building a tag-soup parser #1

I am working on a HTML parser – again. Sounds simple, right? Well in reality it really isn’t. I really don’t want it to be ‘just another’ html parser class.

Trackback 2.0 and Referrer 1.0 for Nucleus

It’s been a long day, but I am happy to announce that the Trackback and Referrer plugins for Nucleus are finished. After I get some rest I’ll write up something better, for now I am just glad the plugins are available for download.

Nucleus 3.2 is here!

The guys from Nucleus CMS released a new version of their great publishing tool. Nucleus 3.2 is a great improvement in the fight against spam because it includes support for the nofollow attribute and a new captcha plugin.

Trackback & Referrer plugin updates

A couple of post below you can find the initial story I wrote about extending the Trackback plugin for Nucleus. Since then I’ve been working on fixing the Referrer plugin. Below is a status update on some of my own and other reported problems of the plugins.

Nucleus skins

I recently went through the Nucleus skin repository. There were 14 skins in total, but I was generally a bit disappointed with the quality of the skins. There was of course one exception: Stanch, created by Ivan of Stach.net. Ivan donated the skin he created for his own website.

Gmail Invites (none left…)

I have a couple of invites left. If you want one, simply post a reply to this story and make sure to include your current e-mail address. I only have a limited number, so reply quickly.

Trackback Spam

It seems the spammers noticed I have enabled trackbacks on this weblog. As of last evening some spammer started advertising for some personal injury lawyers. If there is one thing I hate more than spam, it’s personal injury lawyers. The solution: a spam filter for trackbacks.