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What are the spammers going to do next, now that Google struck back and made commentspam a whole lot less effective?

Improving the Nucleus GUI

I’ve been using Nucleus for a year or two now. I chose Nucleus for rakaz.nl based on some positive previous experiences. I was already used to it, so it was a natural choice. Despite all the positive aspects of Nucleus, I’ve always felt there was room for improvement. The reason I started developing plug-ins for […]

Trackback and XmlHttpRequest

A couple of days ago I enabled Trackbacks on this weblog. Nucleus does not support this out of the box, but thanks the NP_Trackback plugin you can easily add this functionality. The plugin is easy to install and work pretty good. I did notice some things that could be improved, most notable the Trackback auto-discovery.

Google to the rescue!

In an attempt to combat comment spam, Google, MSN, Yahoo and a number of other companies have agreed to support the rel=”nofollow” attribute on links.

The smell of burning electronics…

When one of our computers fail I am always the lucky one who needs to investigate the problem. This time too… First thing I did was opening up the case.

More Wallpapers

About two months ago I created a series of wallpapers featuring Firefox. Today I am going to release the first wallpaper of a second series, once again featuring Firefox. I am probably going to update this blog entry in the next couple of weeks and add more wallpapers as soon as they are finished.

The Future of XML Plugins: The Planet Plugin for Nucleus

Version 0.14 will probably the last release of XML Plugins. I am working on a new plugin called Planet which will eventually replace the separate RSS/Atom Reader and RSS/Atom Aggregator plugin.

Thunderbird’s Extreme Mac-over

Kevin Gerich has an very interesting article on his web log detailing some of the design decissions he and Stephen Horlander made during the creation of the Thunderbird Pinstripe theme. It’s a worthwhile read for everybody who is interested in the visual design of applications.

Thunderbirds are go!

The Mozilla Foundation has just released version 1.0 of Thunderbird, the e-mail companion of Firefox. Download it here.

XML Plugins 0.14

The latest combined release of RSS/Atom Reader, RSS/Atom Aggregator and XBEL Reader now has improved support of different character set handling, such as the different iso-8559 standards, windows codepages, Shift JIS, EUC-JP, Big5 and GB2312. In addition to this these plugins now also support utf-8, utf-16 and utf-32 (big endian and little endian, with or […]

XML Plugins 0.12 0.13 – UTF-8 Support

As some users have noticed, my XML plugins for reading Atom and RSS were a bit lacking when handling UTF-8 encoded feeds. XML Plugins 0.13 should completely solve this and in addition it also provides charset conversion routines for most other encoding formats. Basically everything, except two-byte Japanese is now supported.

Could it be any uglier?

What were they thinking… Seriously, is it possible to create a more confusing and cluttered interface. Compared to Firefox, on which this beast is based, this is simply horrific. I never thought much of AOL. Today, this has once again been confirmed in a big, big way.

I dare you…

…to make a mess of the comments of this entry. I’m working on a new plugin for Nucleus, called HTML Comments. It allows visitors to post comments in HTML, without (hopefully) allowing users to post malicious mark-up. If the plugin functions as I hope it does, every comment will still validate properly as XHTML. The […]

XML Plugins 0.11 & Gravatar 0.3

I’ve updated all my Nucleus plugins.

Moving to XHTML 1.1

I’ve just finished the move to XHTML 1.1. For the most part it was pretty easy, because when I build this website I build it to validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The difference between 1.1 and 1.0 Transitional are not that big, except for some deprecated tags, such as <strike> and <u> and some deprecated […]