about standards, webdesign, usability and open source


Some of the projects I’ve worked on over the last 10 years:

phpAdsNew & OpenX

My involvement with open-souce started in december 1999 with phpAdsNew – an adserver written in PHP. When I joined this project it wasn’t really mature, but 3 years of continuous development turned it into an extreme populair adserver. In 2003 I stepped down as project lead and further development was taken over by others. phpAdsNew is currently known as OpenX Adserver and still in development. Over the last two years I’ve been involved with OpenX as a consultant. Many of my work on OpenX focussed on the new user interface introduced with OpenX Adserver 2.8.


After ending my involvement with phpAdsNew I volunteered for Groklaw – a side dedicated to reporting the lawsuit between IBM and SCO. I developed several modifications for Geeklog – the software that Groklaw ran on. Many of these efforts focused on improving Geeklog for large number of visitors and comments that Groklaw dealt with. Most of these modifications were contributed back to the Geeklog project.

Nucleus CMS

I also made several modifications to Nucleus – the CMS software the used to run my weblog. Most of these modification dealt with improving standards support and solving internationalization issues. Apart from modifications to the core of Nucleus I also created a large number of plugins for Nucleus which can still be downloaded from this site.


I fixed a large number of bugs in early versions of ZenPhoto and added better support for internationalization. I also created an add-on for Zenphoto which allows you to use the XP Publishing Wizard to upload photos to your ZenPhoto installation.


My contributions to the Mozilla project are fourfold.

  • I created several very popular wallpapers, buttons and avatars promoting the use of Firefox.
  • I created the logo and original website of the Firemonger project on SpreadFirefox.
  • I created the design and templates for the first version of the Mozilla Developer Center.
  • I contributed several patches fixing bugs in the CSS Selectors support.

Webkit and KHTML

Early in the development of Webkit I was quite active as a tester. Later on I also developed several patches improving standards support in several areas, including frames and CSS selectors. Several of these patches have also been backported to KHTML. I also created the icon for the Drosera Javascript debugger – which has now been replaced by the build-in Web Inspector.